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Detox from Outside

Hey everyone,

Have you ever had a “treatment” product on your skin (let’s say your face) and it resulted in breakouts?

That MIGHT be a process of detoxification. Detox does not necessarily have to start from the inside, it could start from the outside too.

For example, if you used a detoxifying clay mask or cream or even cleanser, and you got breakouts, your skin MIGHT be going on that process. Reason is, when you apply a detoxifying product on your skin, impurities and toxins from your skin have to come out. So that MIGHT be the case, and if it really is the case, then it’s normal and it’s good (‘cuz your skin will soon be reaaallly clear :))

Notice how I emphasize that it “MIGHT” be a process of detoxification. Because, normally, the process should start immediately. BUT, you should stop when the detoxification process is taking too far/long; AND/OR if you experienced the “clearing out” after using the product for some time (i.e. for two weeks or more), because most likely, the ingredients in the product itself are actually not suitable for your skin.

JUST TO MAKE IT SAFER, always check the ingredients in your skincare (and cosmetics) products. There are many products that do not list their whole ingredients on the packaging, so you might as well have to do some research on it.

Stay happy and healthy!

Much love,


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