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This September and October are crucial months for me: two local final exams, and one very final exam. Total three exams to the finish line! Really want to pass all three with As, so gonna give my very best! Wish me luck!

And I can’t wait for all these to be done; it’s been ages since my last hangouts :( So I’m really looking forward to it!

Anyway, wish you all a great week! Take care xx

**UPDATES** 15/09/2011

Omg I just found out, my very final exam isn’t on October, but November! Meaning, they got 4 levels for the final exams. So 4 final exams to the finish line! Gosh I really thought I’m gonna be free after October :-|

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  1. do your best for those exams. ;) and good luck..
    15days more to october .. it’s quite fast.. i think :p~
    oh.. so those the exams for being an acupuncture ? can you heal my lovely bell’s palsy.. :(
    i already miss my right facial . haha

    • Thanks! And yes it is for being an acupuncturist. Hahaa, of course, but you’d better look for your local acupuncturist, cause it takes time for all the exams, certification, registration, etc. for me.

      • you r welcome .. ok. :)
        if i wait for you , maybe until that time, i already cure by itself ^_^
        i read at one website. george clooney get well fr that around 3 months.. <.<

        how's your study? #lancar?# haha

  2. Gahhhh… Abbie >”< I am dying over here :(
    MATlab is killing me (A engineering program)
    Professor goes over the stuffs really fast just so he can save time at the end of the class to show off his very complicated program… (Which is useless to us)
    And the TA does do anything other than telling us to use Google to search for all our problems. (Kick Kick)
    Sigh… Do not really know what to do… :'(

    Anyways, your exams!!
    Are they the exams for acupuncture??
    After those exams you will become a legit acupuncturer? :D
    In any case, I really wish you best of luck on those exams~ (I got a good feeling about this :3 )

    Take care~

    Talk to you soon <3

    • Omg that’s horrible! I hope your Professor would go over the lesson again or at least would be willing to answer your questions!
      Hang in there kay! You can do it! :)

      Yes and yes!! Hehee I’m so excited!
      Aww you do?? Thank you! :))

      Sure! And take care too <3

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