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Abbie in December 2009

[Pic of the Day] ♥

Today, I went with my friend to Downtown Vancouver.

We were shopping in Robson Street.

It was so fun! Lots of shopping places, restaurants, cute cupcakes, cute chocolate factory, crepes, the body shop, lush, etc.

Ohhh…I wish I took some pictures from Robson Street… but I couldn’t…it was so hard for me to take picture ‘cuz I was…




….selling chocolate!

(I was doing some fundraising at school) so yea, I brought that big box with me: shopping while selling chocolate- how does it sound? :-P  well, to be honest, it was actually pretty fun^^

Anyway, Robson Street is one of the tourist places in Vancouver – anyone coming to Vancouver should definitely visit Robson Street; especially if you love shopping :)


There are still some pictures left!

This picture, we took it on the way home…on the…





Isn’t it pretty empty?

Actually, when we got on the bus, we were the only ones there; so we took a LOT of pictures.

I’ll post some again next time ;)


This is still from the same day :D

ahhaaa ♥ i forgot to mention it, but in case you didn’t noticed it, I have my hair curled here :)

*We were on the bus*

This one was taken on Whitespot.

It is a fast food restaurant…too bad, the Whitespot in Robson St don’t have the usual REAL desserts :(

This is just a random shot from Whitespot.

I got so bored ‘cuz I ended up ordering only tea …I was planning to have some desserts but they don’t have the ones I wanted…

so while waiting for my friend, I took that random shot :P

So these are the pictures I got from my day with my friend at Robson Street.

Hope u like it!

P.S. keep on checking this out :) I’ll keep this updated until the month passed.

PIC of the DAY ^^

This is just a random shot, but pretty recent…like in last month :D


Today I went to sell the chocolates again with my friends and it was successful!

We sold EVERYTHING~yayy ^^

N after that, we were planning to go to this parfait bar but it wasn’t opened. So we went to buy some cakes and then we went to starbucks~(we took LOTS of pictures there!)

*toast* with tea :P

ahhaaa this is what my friend called as the “creeper’s picture”

so she went outside of the place and took our picture through the window :D

P.S. I still got some more~gonna post it next time; remember to check it out! ♥


PIC of the DAY ^^

So here is another one! :)

just some random pose in Starbucks.

We were taking pictures almost for the entire time ♥

it was so fun and memorable~

P.S. it was so cold…if you didn’t noticed, we were wearing really thick coats.

And today’s snowing  – I hope this year we will have a lot of snow so that I can post the pictures to show you all :)


This pic was from the same day :D

Look at my pretty girl friends ♥

Love them lots!


[Pic of the Day] ^^

It’s starting to get cold here~ for all of you who are having winter right now, remember to wrap up and stay warm :)

Anyway, this picture is just a random shot with me wearing a winter hat :]


Remember I wrote that I would take pictures from Robson Street the next time I go there?

So I had some pictures ready to post today! :)

This time it’s from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate!

For all of you who love chocolate (as I do), this place will seem like heaven :P

look at the chocolate! doesn’t it look delicious? ^^

well…say hello to the three snowmen~

…and Mr. Rudolph – I think he gained some pounds there :P



There will be more pictures coming up! So stay updated ^^

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