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The Dog Whisperer

LOVELOVELOVE this TV show! Anyone here watch this show? If you love dogs, you’ll LOVE this! Cesar Milan’s super awesome too!

You know, there’s a saying “The difference between one man and another is not mere ability — it is energy.” (Thomas Arnold) It’s super true, guys! And this is just another example of it. Not only for dogs, of course, but also in your daily life too. People CAN feel your energy. It’s no more about what and how you say it, it’s more about the feeling inside and behind it. So start giving off positive, fun energy in your daily life from today on! ;)

Comments on: "The Dog Whisperer" (6)

  1. I think the energy thingy only works one way for me…

    Most of the dogs love me more than their owners :3
    but ehhh… im not that great at having relationship with most people :(

    • Hahaa i see, that’s good though! Dogs are super adorable! <3
      Really? I would've never thought that! Well, I think it takes practice to build rapport; but then again, a few best friends are great, rather than having the whole crowd but 0 best friend :)

      • Totally agree with u x3
        But I guess nowadays I am just searching for something different :/
        Life and work have oready became a routine for me, do not want my emotions and feelings toward people become a part of that routine also. :(

  2. i watched this show too. it’s kinda awesome!! he can control almost every problem dogs. and train it so fast.. anw i am not a dog lover , haha.. some dogs are cute. ^^ but i’m still fear to dog :)

    • Hahaa yea, he’s awesome! I really like the way he’s handling the dogs. Ohh… hahaa i see, i see.

      • i just think when i watch it.. “when i can handle dogs like him” haha.. if i see a cute dog, maybe i can approach .. but if i see a big and kinda scary. my 1st reaction call me to RUN. haha.. coz i have a phobia with dog. bite by them before :'(

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