see the world through my eyes…

How ’bout recommend me few of your favorites? ♥

So far~ my favorites are… (in no order)

Fairy Tail



Baby Love

The One

Skip Beat!

Wild Life

Dengeki Daisy


Anyone else read what I read?

Tell me what else is good! :D

Comments on: "Any anime/manga lovers here?" (18)

  1. Ah I dun know that we share same interest on manga and anime Abbie XD

    If you like adventure series, had u ever tried to read Jio? it is good ^.^

    I like Skip Beat also… and there is another manga you may like, try Beauty Pop ^.^

    For Anime, had you watched Toradora? It is my favorite. I can watch it over and over again… ^.^

    Any good anime / manga you can recommend me? hehhe…

    • Wow thanks for the recommendations :D :D will definitely try those!
      I read Beauty Pop as well! It’s really good~
      Hmm… besides the ones I put on there… One Piece is really good! Parfait Tic, Akuma to Love Song, Fruits Basket and Kimi Ni Todoke! Those are on my fav list as well <3

      • Wow, what a recommendations… I read One Piece also, it is like never ending story and fight, but you are correct, it is really good! hehe…
        I think I need to lend those recommendations from my youngest sis, she likes manga also.. XP
        Thanks, will tell you more about other mangas if I find it interesting ^ ^

        ( Oh, Baby Love is one great manga… I gave 2 thumbs up for her never give up attitude… ^ ^ )

      • Wow you got a sis and she likes manga? That is so nice! :D
        Thank you :)

        P.S. Yea, she’s really strong, and I love how she succeed in winning the guy’s heart! All her hard works paid off ^^)/

      • Yeah, and that’s because of me though~
        I am a comic collector, so I buy it and not by rent it, and she copy me now, spending her money for comic books (Feeling Bad~~) >.<

        BTW, juz noticing on ur name there, why changed to Liu?

      • Ahhaaa xD icic, actually I started reading comic from my brother too =D
        Yea, it’s the correct one :) check this out for more,

      • ah i c~ we are not much diff though~
        hehehe :P

        Yeah, I had read ur post last time…
        It juz the language pronunciation diff~
        Hope you adapt that surname at ease~

        Oh yeah, Did you read Detective Conan?
        That’s my fav for Detective series… :D

      • Hehee thanks :D

        Yea, I do! It’s my fav detective series as well!

  2. My, What a nice blog. >.<
    I'm Your New Fan!
    Btw, You should (must!!) read and watch One Piece! :D
    The only manga that could make me drop tears.

  3. Deathnote live action ? O.o
    Is that like real ppl n stuff?
    I don’t like the real ppl movie version of deathnote… feel like the anime version is better

    Anyways if u have time u should watch fullmetal alchemist (both seasons r amazing)

  4. Inuyasha..!! Hehehehe XP

  5. i like naruto, bleach, and wild life
    how about… one piece or slam dunk?

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