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Hi! How’s everyone doing? I can’t believe it’s been more than three months since my last blog post! Time sure flies, huh?

Anyway, I got asked so many times about my year off, what am I doing now, and such. Well, to answer to that, somewhere during my year off, my mom put me into an acupuncture class, so lately I’ve been busy studying. And it turns out to be super interesting! But yeah, as usual, tests and assignments aren’t always the fun part. Especially the assignments! So crazy we aren’t allowed to type so I have to HAND-WRITE all of it. Oh well it won’t last forever, so like what Jim Rohn says, “Somebody said you have to love what you do, but that’s not necessarily true. What is true is that you have to love the opportunity.” I’d better enjoy it :D

Oh! And I’m gonna take cosmetic acupuncture later on. If you haven’t tried acupuncture treatment, it’s highly recommended! Even celebrities and models (including world supermodel, Kate Moss!) have turned to acupuncture nowadays for skin treatment, face lift, weight loss, etc. It’s natural and healthy! Find your local licensed acupuncturist though, and you’ll be in safe hands ;) Anyway, I hope ya’ll are doing great! Take care always xx

Just found this picture! I took it years ago when I was still in Canada at White Spot. Best burger spot. I’m not usually a fan of burger, but the burger there is super delicious, especially the mushroom ones :9 oh anyway, they have desserts too, very yummy ones. But the one i had melted really quick, cause it’s mixed with warm cakes and ice creams in one plate… still super yummy! ;)

Comments on: "I realized it’s been pretty long" (10)

  1. can it work for my bell’s palsy.. it’s been 2 weeks since i got this lovely bell’s palsy.. make my day different completely. with one eye to see the world. hahaha,, miss my right face :(
    maybe i can be the human tester for improve your skill :p hahaha..

    • Lol I’m still a student, before the certification and such as an acupuncturist, I don’t give treatment.
      Go look for your local licensed acupuncturist. Bell’s Palsy is one of our most common cases.
      Get well soon! :)

      • ic.. glad to hear that.. lately i already feel some reaction from my mouth .. only from there, but i will be more happy if i can open and close my eye. so i dont need to use eye refresher anymore.
        in jakarta , i dont know where can i find a licensed acupuncturist. any recommendation? maybe the best is inside west jakarta. +.+

  2. like the song to but i didnt recognize her, WHAT SEASON in AI.

  3. ive heard about that treatment though i havent tried it yet!! i was wondering were it originally came from.. “????” well abbie i think u know it, HEHEHHEHE. have a nice one abbie ur are amazing in different ways.. MWAAAAA

    • Aww thank youu :3 Give it a try, you’ll definitely feel the benefits! Acupuncture came from China, but it’s been around since stone age. Been around super long :)

  4. Yes it is. Aww you are? hahaa I’m glad to hear that! ;)
    sport injuries? sure! oh and it’s called acupuncturist hehee

    Ah I see, all the best!
    Yea, I like it when I’m with my family inside and outside’s raining. But when I sleep I prefer drizzles though :))

    Yup! I’ll update more often, so look forward to it :D Take care always!

    P.S. I’m glad you like the song! I like it too

  5. P.s. love the song!

  6. ur Not-So-Secret-Admirer: Kiryu :3 said:

    acupuncture?! That stuff is crazy n hard…
    Tehee~ Abbie u never stop to impress me :3
    Study hard, when I got older I want to have u as my acupuncturor(?) to treat my aport injuries :P

    University just start again for me, omost through with the first week!
    Getting busy again after my internship :[… Well, the good thing is that the weather forecast says its gonna have heavy rain all this week!!
    Have u heard it before? The silence within the heavy rain drops… It’s so calm n beautiful

    Anyways, take care Abbie~
    looking forward to see new stuffs on ur blog ;)

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