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Our Game

Who likes jigsaw puzzles? I think they are super fun! Not really the online ones, but the ones when you use you hands to put the pieces of puzzles back together. I don’t like playing it alone, but it’s a perfect game for two! Or a family. Besides all the good stuffs puzzles do for your brain, it’s one intimate activity too. It’s a game where you gotta sit close together, look at the puzzle pieces together, and try to see the same whole picture together. Sounds really nice right? :))

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  1. Hahaa~ Abbie u let puzzles sound so cool~ :)

    Reminded me of the day when I was shopping together with my friend. We saw this black n white London night view of puzzle, then she told me that she really enjoy the process of piecing all the puzzle pieces together. It makes her feel complete and accomplished. But then… she said that playing with puzzles doesn’t sound cool :( She then begins to play two different roles of character:

    Playing as one of her other friend: Hey! what do you do for fun?
    She switches to herself and replies: Oh! puzzle! I love puzzles! :(

    Then we laughed awkwardly n moved on to other stuffs…

    • I did?? Hehee that’s good then! ;)
      Aww she’s so cute! Hahaa tell her it’s okay, puzzles are cool! :p
      That sounds like a really fun shopping day! I haven’t went out for quite some time, really miss it!

  2. oh my God,, ilove this,,

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