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GRAD 2010! Unforgettable night… *updates*

June 5th, 2010…love love love grad 2010!



Hey everyone!

First of all, I’m so sorry for “disappearing” for so long…>< been so busy.. Anyway, I just came back from my prom & after-grad, i can’t share every pictures here cuz many are my friends’ pictures, but here’s some  ;)

GREAAAATT dinner before the dance ;)

ahhaaa xD i looked so “blue” (cam whoring in the washrooms with my friends :P)

…I love you <3

That’s all for now :)

ANYWAY… my twitter account

…follow guys xD



Abbie in December 2009

[Pic of the Day] ♥

Today, I went with my friend to Downtown Vancouver.

We were shopping in Robson Street.

It was so fun! Lots of shopping places, restaurants, cute cupcakes, cute chocolate factory, crepes, the body shop, lush, etc.

Ohhh…I wish I took some pictures from Robson Street… but I couldn’t…it was so hard for me to take picture ‘cuz I was…




….selling chocolate!

(I was doing some fundraising at school) so yea, I brought that big box with me: shopping while selling chocolate- how does it sound? :-P  well, to be honest, it was actually pretty fun^^

Anyway, Robson Street is one of the tourist places in Vancouver – anyone coming to Vancouver should definitely visit Robson Street; especially if you love shopping :)


There are still some pictures left!


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