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I just changed my surname to “Liu” and it’s the correct one. I just found out today lol :D  my bad for being so ignorant~ Hope you guys won’t be confused! ;) Of course, there are things I can’t change, such as my Twitter account (‘cuz username’s taken already), my blog username and my email. But well… I hope you all still recognize me :P

Just to sum everything:




Email (can’t change -__-)


Abbie Lie (other user names are taken already -__-)


Comments on: "For those of you who were wondering…" (9)

  1. Guess you’ll have to redo your Jan 4 post again with Liu instead of Lie ^.^

  2. kiryu nil said:

    Tehee~ every time when i check on ur wordpress theres oways something surprises me ^^

  3. wow… i’m surprised,
    your surname is change :O

    well… nice to meet you abbie liu! lol

  4. hmm… just found out it today? haha
    by the way, How long have you used the surname “lie”?

    • I lived in HK when I was little, and my name was in Cantonese… it was “Lau”. So I’m not really used to Mandarin name. I just heard someone said that mine’s “Lie” it’s not completely wrong, actually, but it’s a long story. However, thinking about that, the Mandarin surname for Lau is Liu, and I just realized it today when I wrote my name in Chinese character, it’s read “Liu”.
      Well… Let’s say I started using “Abbie Lie” on my Friendster… so, it’s been around 6 years ago :P hahaa

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