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What I like about Twitter…

Let’s say that this is a continuation of my “What I like about Myspace and Facebook” post.

When it comes to Twitter, whenever I ask my friends to join, many have been asking me what it really is for; is twitter just like Facebook/Myspace statuses, etc…

Well… it is. But there are more to it.

What makes Twitter different are the people you followed, your followers and the lists your followers put you into. It’s pretty interesting ;)

You can follow your favorite stars, motivational speakers, authors, tourism, etc.

You can also follow your best friends’, crushes’, etc. to keep updated with what’s happening in their lives… And your followers can be updated with what’s happening in your life as well — it’s like a way of keeping in touch and letting people stay informed; and to know someone better through their statuses, and through the people they are following.

Oh! Besides, I once read that Twitter’s gonna be the fastest source of information! Isn’t it great? What else do you like about Twitter? Gimme some of your thoughts ;)

GRAD 2010! Unforgettable night… *updates*

June 5th, 2010…love love love grad 2010!



Hey everyone!

First of all, I’m so sorry for “disappearing” for so long…>< been so busy.. Anyway, I just came back from my prom & after-grad, i can’t share every pictures here cuz many are my friends’ pictures, but here’s some  ;)

GREAAAATT dinner before the dance ;)

ahhaaa xD i looked so “blue” (cam whoring in the washrooms with my friends :P)

…I love you <3

That’s all for now :)

ANYWAY… my twitter account

…follow guys xD



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