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Few weeks ago, I went out for a jog at 7am and took some pictures of the cherry blossoms. It is so beautiful~

isn’t it beautiful? what’d you think? :)

if it’s not for this kind of scenery, i doubt i would be able to jog for long :P

I felt tired and needed to sit on the grass…and this is what I saw. Breathtaking, isn’t it? ~ sun rise ♥

…and on the way back I took this picture. One of my fav…isn’t it captivating?

Well then, that’s all!

Hope you guys like it! ;)

Paws for a Cause

I volunteer in SPCA, and last month (I think =P) we had a Paws for a Cause event in Garry Point Park, Richmond.

It’s a beautiful place!


look at the dogs! there was dogs dance performance <3


isn’t it beautiful? I took it after the event, it’s near the beach side of Garry Point Park


people walked with their dogs for the event.

*look at that big white dog!* ^^



there were lots of people that came- I’m so glad~






I love huskies! look at it, it’s so cool!


this is my favourite dog of the day (j/k, i like all =P)

but, see, it’s so big!


another picture of the sun and the beach.

to be honest, I don’t like to stay under the sun >.< but I love to see the pictures of the sun.


there you go, this is the last picture.

P.S. if you’re in Canada, do visit Garry Point Park.

It’s a very vast place, though I’m not sure whether there’ll be anything to see other than the beach and the park,

but if you love nature setting, Garry Point Park is just beautiful =)

Or even, to play or to just plan a picnic – since it’s a pretty large place, there’s a lot of things you can do ^^

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