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Physicians Formula

Have you ever heard of Physicians Formula? It’s a skin products brand. Few weeks ago, I bought one of their pressed powder, the Organic wear® 100% Natural Origin Pressed Powder. According to Skin Deep, it is considered to be low hazard. In case you forgot, I posted a very short list of hazardous ingredients in many products out there that we should avoid.

Anyway…I’ve only bought it once and it hasn’t finished ~ so far so great though  ^^ BUT just be aware that not all Physicians Formula products are considered to be low hazard according to Skin Deep.

Well, here are some pictures:

It does not only look green but it really is GREEN (as in environmental friendly ;))

Definitely NOT with the butterflies! I was just bored with the usual pictures :P

That’s all the pictures! How did you like it? :) I REALLY LOVE the design, I think it’s really unique.

Lastly, I do NOT know whether this product is suitable for all skin types or not. But my skin is fine with this (my skin type: combination).

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