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Ryan Lee & Duncan James

Names sound so familiar? Guess who they are!

Done? Let’s see if you get ’em right: they are two of Blue members, the boy band that won BRIT award winners!

Miss them so much — actually few days ago I just heard their song “If you come back” on the radio, and when I got home I found myself looking for all their songs xD I can’t believe I haven’t listened to their songs for years!

Hmm? What’s with the title, you say?

Well… actually…

I had a huge huge huge crush on Ryan Lee years ago! lol I still like him though x)

And Duncan James as well!  I just noticed (just few days ago) that he looked so fine! When I saw their music videos, I was like “wow, who’s that other guy??” lol to be honest until few days ago, the only Blue member I remembered was Ryan Lee, so that’s why ><

Anyway, just can’t get enough of them, the other two members are awesome as well!

I heard Blue’s still active though! :D Gosh most fav boy band; love love their vocals!


Since “If You Come Back” brought me back to their songs, so here’s the vid =D [I do NOT own this]

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