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10 Pretty Girls of the Month (Facebook)

Hi everyone! My pick, their kind permission — 10 pretty girls on facebook with a bite sized info about themselves! Get to know them, leave some kind and interesting comments! ;)  Here’s the list:

1) Shu Ying Tian

From: Puyang, Henan, China

Favorite quote: “Simple is best.”

2) MsShirl Cyn

Favorite quotes:

♥ I take everyone as friends if they take me as their friends also.

♥ Don’t treat others the bad way if you don’t want to be treated the same way.

♥ I don’t let mistakes of yesterday affect my success of tomorrow.

3) Yinel 伊奈爾

Name: Yine

Loves: coffee.chocolate.chilies.pigrabbit.

4) Anna Plotnikova

“I am a fashion designer from Russia, creating knitted clothes and accessories. Here is my online shop:
and my blog:
My clothes is not for “usual girls”, but for everyone. Cause every girl in this world unusual and has her own beauty.”

“I love skating. Figure skating, roller, bicycle and ets,, photography, and many others..
Italian food, and also spicy items (chilly peppers and so on), asian kitchen is also one of my favorites)”

“I am shopping №1 fan! shopoholic :)

5) Singye Cawaii

♦ Lives in Bangkok, Thailand

♦ Knows English, Dzongkha

6) Grace Lynn Kim

From: Incheon, South Korea

Favorite quote: “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone” -Audrey Hepburn

7) Stella Cheong

From: Johor Baru

Loves: Harry Potter

8) Elaine Cyl

From: Ipoh, Perak

Favorite quote: “Give chance to yourself to believe in the success of your dream!”

9) Mira Chan

From: Hong Kong

” A girl who loves Korean-pop and eating dessert very much♥”

10) Mila Kan

“My name is Mila Kan. I’m mixed korean. I’m from Russia ^^ I really love gyrau fashion and japanese fashion in general.”
Favourite quote: Love & peace!
Favorite foods: Fried potato (but I never eat it T^T)
Favorite movie: Mouline Rouge, Battle Royale
Favorite music: TRAX, Jaurim, Cherry Filter
Favorite fashion style: Gyaru, ulzzang




That’s all for this month: 10 pretty girls on facebook! What’d you all think? Remember to leave kind comments, that’d mean a lot ;)


The next 10 girls on facebook’s gonna be on April.

How to be one? Send me at least one picture and one phrase/sentence about yourself on FB message/my email.



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