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Pic of the day [2]



I remember this pic was taken last winter (2008) in the morning.


I was supposed to go to school, but on that day, it was snowing pretty hard.

So, it’s risky to go out with either cars or other public transportation.


Actually, in the morning, I was already prepared for school,

but I was told not to go; so before I changed, I decided to take some pictures ^^


Though it might not be so clear, I was still wearing my uniform under the jacket :)


Happy Halloween everyone! ^^

Hope everyone have a memorable and fun Halloween :)

Here are some pictures from my Halloween celebration at my school (I can’t upload all for now, but I’ll post it up some other time)


Here r my friends, can anyone guess what they r being? :)


Another one~~


Look at him! It’s Wall-E!

And what`s even greater is that this guy made his own costume (he`s an art student – a really good one!)

And he`s the winner for our 2009 Halloween!! Congratz! ^^

301020091284 copy

Another picture of Mr. Wall-E ^^ to b honest, I really love his costume!

When he went up for the costume contest, he’s so “Wall-E”! really cute =)

301020091285 copy

Another one ;)

301020091273 copy

another one~~ guess what she is being!

(Hint: the book she’s holding =P)






it’s Misa Amane from Death Note!

301020091272 copy

don’t you think she look like a goddess in this picture? =)

301020091277 copy

Pretty! ♥

301020091288 copy

oops…I didn’t realize my tumbler was there >_<

yup, another one ~~^^


My school’s Prime Minister!

Cool Halloween costume!

It’s even better when he wears his glove (there were like knives or scissors~)


Look at her and her doll!♥♥♥




As for me~~

Guess what I’m being?






















Yes, a cat! ^^


That’s all for now =)

Again, wish u all a great Halloween!


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