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Look who’s back ~  :o

say hi everyone~ ;)

Sorry it’s been so long…I want to write A LOT of things but couldn’t find the time… For all of you who didn’t know about this, I’ve been really busy from school…’cuz I’m taking lots of subjects and have no spare block…so bare with me? :D

Anyway… i’ve been listening to Alicia Keys – Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart. I LOVE IT SO MUCH and she looked so pretty on the vid especially when she’s on her purple outfit, don’t u think?

If you haven’t seen it, you should! ^^

[I do NOT own this vid]

Pic of the Day [8]

I figured that I skipped my third and last part of Pic of the Day 5

sorry >_<




so…here it is:



There’s no info about the first two pictures…I think it’s just a random shot :-P

(reading left to right)

Actually, I’m not sure if the middle one is random though — but to tell you the truth, I forgot when was it taken and on what occasion.


The third one was from my Halloween ^^

I don’t know if you notice it, but I was wearing the cat ears :D


That’s all then — this is the last part.

The next Pic of the Day, I guess, will be a whole new picture — unless if I receive another gift like this, I will post it!


Thanks a lot ♥

Pic of the day [4]


Hey everyone!

Pic of the day :)

This is just some random picture

so I don’t remember exactly when was this taken >.<


Don’t mind the “art”

I made this quite a long time ago :p


Oh well~

Hope you guys have a GREAT day! ^^

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