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Graduation pictures

Hey guys!

How’re you doing? :)

Hope all of you are doing fine!

Today I took my two last exams at school and went to North Vancouver for my graduation picture.

We’re in the changing room, taking some random shots while waiting for our turn:::

That’s all for now!   Hope you like it :)

Anyway, as usual, I’m gonna start posting new stuffs since my exam is over.

So, keep on visiting my blog!  There’ll be lots of new stuffs ^^

Take care always~



Another pic from that day:

My friend took this pic for me…

She’s such a good photographer, don’t you think? :)

Pic of the day [4]


Hey everyone!

Pic of the day :)

This is just some random picture

so I don’t remember exactly when was this taken >.<


Don’t mind the “art”

I made this quite a long time ago :p


Oh well~

Hope you guys have a GREAT day! ^^

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