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What I like about Myspace and Facebook…

If you sent a message to…let’s say, “A”.

In Myspace, you would know whether “A” has read and/or replied your message.

If “A” has NOT replied your message, but have read it…you’ll see something like this:

You can find this in your Sent folder, the message you’ve sent will show “Read” besides “A”s name. Likewise, if “A” hasn’t read it, you’ll see an “Unread”; and if “A” have replied your message, you’ll see “Replied”.

Nice, isn’t it? So you’ll know who has read but hasn’t replied! LOL It’s a feature that you couldn’t find in Facebook at the moment.

What do you like about Myspace? :)

For Facebook, of course, I would choose the famous “See Wall-to-Wall”

It’s one feature I like the best; and it’s something that you can’t find in Myspace at the moment.

Pretty neat, right? it’s like a reminder in case you forgot what you’ve been talking about! :D Well, tell me what else do you like about Facebook? ;)

Jesse Hart

Guys and Girls,

check him out!

Jesse Hart

I’ve listened to his music on myspace and they are all really great!

Have you ever listen to his new single “With You”?

If you haven’t, go and listen to it!

It’s super good!

I think you’re gonna love it, so I thought I’ll share it here ♥

Add him as your friend on

Myspace: jessehartmusic

Facebook: jesseaaronhart?ref=profile

He’s very friendly; you’ll love him as much as you’ll love his music!

and, another thing, it’s easier and better if you can download a music that you like rather than only listen to it online, right?

Besides, by doing that you help support him as well!

SO  you guys, do download his music from


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