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My new blog :)

Hi everyone!

Since Abbie Lie is a personal blog, the ‘Health & Beauty’ section is going to be continued on this blog, Wellness & Beauty, from now on. Check it out! You’re gonna like it ;)



Physicians Formula

Have you ever heard of Physicians Formula? It’s a skin products brand. Few weeks ago, I bought one of their pressed powder, the Organic wear® 100% Natural Origin Pressed Powder. According to Skin Deep, it is considered to be low hazard. In case you forgot, I posted a very short list of hazardous ingredients in many products out there that we should avoid.

Anyway…I’ve only bought it once and it hasn’t finished ~ so far so great though  ^^ BUT just be aware that not all Physicians Formula products are considered to be low hazard according to Skin Deep.

Well, here are some pictures:

It does not only look green but it really is GREEN (as in environmental friendly ;))

Definitely NOT with the butterflies! I was just bored with the usual pictures :P

That’s all the pictures! How did you like it? :) I REALLY LOVE the design, I think it’s really unique.

Lastly, I do NOT know whether this product is suitable for all skin types or not. But my skin is fine with this (my skin type: combination).

Safe Cosmetics

Hi everyone!

Be careful in choosing your cosmetics.

Some lists of dangerous chemicals in cosmetics:

  1. Fragrance (concerns: neurotoxicity, allergies, etc.)
  2. Paraben ( cosmetics containing this actually violate the safety guidelines in U.S., E.U., Japan and Canada. Concerns: organ sytem toxicity, irritation, etc )
  3. Aluminum Powder (concerns: cancer, development/reproductive toxicity, allergies, etc)
  4. BHA ( cosmetics containing this actually violate the safety guidelines in U.S., E.U., Japan and Canada. Concerns: cancer, biochemical or cellular level changes, etc)
  5. BHT (Concerns: cancer, endocrine disruption, immunotoxicity, etc)

Go check this website – it gives pretty comprehensive reviews on almost all of the cosmetics (make-up, skin care, eye care, hair care, oral care, nail care, baby care, and fragrance.)

Fall <3

Remember, I mentioned before that I love Fall season the most?

I have the pictures ready for my blog!

Unfortunately, this year’s Fall season is not as beautiful as last year’s (2008)

I remember that it was so beautiful ’till I got lost :-P (yes, I really did got lost)

That time, I kept on walking and felt as if I were in a different place ♥

what I love the most is the pinkish red leaves on the tree – this, we don’t have it for so long this year, so I don’t get the chance to take it :(

So here are the pictures:

Though it’s not as beautiful as last year, this year is also beautiful  ;)

What do you think? Isn’t it beautiful? :)

Anyway, since I took these pictures myself, these don’t look very professional…but I think you can still see the beauty during this season.

That’s it then! :)

Hope you enjoy this.

Take care always ^^

Lemon/Lime Water

Do you…

  • Want a clearer skin
  • Want a brighter eyes
  • Want to lose weight
  • Want more energy
  • Have digestion problem


Drink Lemon/Lime Water!

Most of the foods we ate are very acidic – this which will bring health problems!


Because our body prefers to be alkaline. (Our blood pH is alkaline, NOT neutral.)

Though lemon/lime might seems like an “acid” because of its sour taste, it actually alkalize your body and blood!



If you want to lose weight…

Take lemon/lime first thing in the morning with lukewarm water.

It has a NATURAL mild laxative effects which will aids your digestion.

If you want a clearer skin complexion, brighter eyes…then you should eat more healthily!


You cannot get those with too much toxins and acidity in your body when your body prefers to be alkaline!

For those sweet-tooth and coffee/tea lover out there (including myself :() SUGAR and CAFFEINE is in the ACIDIC food category. That’s the fact. (High acidic foods cause dry skin, acne, etc). I didn’t say to give up on sweet treats/coffee-tea completely – I wouldn’t want that :-P –  if you can, go ahead :), but lowering your intake is good enough for a noticeable change if you used to eat a lot of those sugary and caffeinated foods/beverages.

In addition, lemon/lime contain unique flavonoid compounds that have antioxidant and anti-cancer properties.

They are also an excellent source of Vitamin C, one of the most important antioxidants in nature. Vitamin C travels through the body neutralizing any free radicals with which it comes into contact in the aqueous environments in the body both inside and outside cells. (Free radicals can interact with the healthy cells of the body, damaging them and their membranes, and also cause a lot of inflammation, or painful swelling, in the body.)

Vitamin C is also vital to the function of a strong immune system. Especially in this flu season, it is important to have a sufficient intake of Vitamin C.


So, START drinking it!

it’s also a good choice if you are planning a detox diet ;)




P.S. This is just a BRIEF information about lemon/lime health benefits because of their alkalinity; NOT an in-depth and detailed information. For further information, feel free to ask.

Olive oil

This is a picture of an extra virgin olive oil.

We (or at least most of us) heard about this product health benefits.

Good for cooking and good for adding it straight into salad, meal, etc…







… Have you ever heard of olive oil as a make up remover?

Yes, for some of you that haven’t heard about it, it is TRUE.

And truly EFFECTIVE.

Not just for removing make up, but also dirt, etc.

So, is it exclusive to women? No.

Olive oil works its magic by breaking down the fats (i.e. oils) and other impurities in our skin.

Okay, here I am talking about face skin.

How’d u do that, then?


See that? :)

Actually, there are many other simple ways, but personally, I prefer putting it in a small bottle spray and just spray it on a cotton pad whenever I need it.

For me, I use it everyday for my face skin.

I just clean off my face with that before I wash my face.

ALL make up, from powder, blush on, eyeshadow, etc. (even EYE LINER or EYE DEFINER) come off


I LOVE to leave it on my face for a while before I wash it off: I feel my skin becomes so smooth after that ^^

! Use the EXTRA virgin oil!

It’s better for you skin than the more processed one.

I do NOT guarantee that this will suit ALL skin types

My skin type is dry to combination; and I found this to be very excellent for my skin type.

NOT ONLY THAT, someone I know with a combination to oily skin used this and felt the benefits as well!

He even use this more than I do.

So, I think, just GIVE IT A TRY.

Do it just from cleaning face skin and wash it off right away until leaving it on your face for a while if it works for you. :)


Enough about the face skin~~

let’s move on to the whole body skin – shall we? =)

Can olive oil be used for the whole body? Yes, it can.

If you google it, some people even find it to be very beneficial as moisturizer and massage oil.

Personally, it doesn’t really work for me as a moisturizer.

I don’t know why, but my skin is more “moisturized” with the regular cream.

But, yeah, again, GIVE IT A TRY.

However, I do NOT recommend this for outdoor usage.

Reasons: Oil + Heat (sunshine) = [burnt]

So, that’s it!

I just couldn’t tell how WONDERFUL olive oil is for my skin – I LOVE it so much!

And I hope it does wonders for your skin as well!

Have fun with it!

Feel free if you need further information :)

Values Assessment

REAL values assessment.

[I do NOT own this]

I’ve done this before, and it is interestingly pretty accurate.

this is NOT just some random psychology quiz.

The thing that you value the most in life actually affect how you will think and act.

Knowing what your values are will help you to understand more about yourself.

Values can change; and it is POSSIBLE to have more than one value.




make your own decision based on your own feelings. For EACH statement below that are

“Very true” for you, give it a mark of 9

“Sometimes true”, mark of 6

“Not sure”, mark of 3

“Not true”, mark of 0

*it’s not hard! it’s just a little math :D*


Value 1

1. It is important that my family does things together.

2. A strong family unit is essential.

3. I am very close to my mother, father, or both.

4. Having children is important to me.

5. I would like a job that gives me plenty of free time to spend with my family.

6. I enjoy spending an evening with my family.

7. A close family is important to me.

8. It is important to have a family with whom to discuss problems.


Value 2

1. I’d really like to travel to faraway places.

2.I like to try things I’ve never done before.

3.I enjoy doing different things.

4. It would be fun to climb mountains.

5. I’d look forward to taking a job in a cityI have never visited before.

6.Getting to travel would be the best thing about being a movie star.

7. If you don’t take chances, you’ll never get anywhere, and I like to take chances.

8. I’d like an exciting life.


Value 3

1. I like to read books that help me understand people.

2. It is importat for me to have a good understanding of history.

3. I like to attend lectures from which I can learn something.

4. I’d like to understand the way a TV works.

5. Gaining knowledge is important to me.

6. I like reading to gain insight to human behavior.

7. It is important to try to learn something new every day.


Value 4

1. I would rather be president of a club than just a member.

2. If I could, I`d like to be prime minister.

3. I like to feel that I am in charge in a group.

4. I`d rather be a judge than a lawyer.

5. I`d rather be a leader than a follower.

6. I like to take charge of organizing activities.

7. I like people to ask me for my opinion when trying to decide the best way to handle a situation.

8. I would rather be a boss than a worker.


Value 5

1. If I could, I`d like to make a movie that would make people aware of injustice, and would improve the conditions it described.

2. If my friends want to do something that I think is wrong, I will not do it.

3. I would disobey a boss who asked me to do something against my principles, even if it meant being fired.

4. It is important to stick to my beliefs than to make money.

5. I could not be happy in a job in which I could not feel good about myself.

6. I have strong beliefs about what is right and wrong.

7. I think it`s wrong to help a friend to cheat on an exam, even if I know he will fail if I don`t help.

8. If a teacher accidentally left test answers where I could see them I would not look.


Value 6

1. I would rather have a large expensive house than own a work of art.

2. Having an expensive car is something I`d really like.

3. I`d rather be rich than married.

4. I would like a lot of expensive possessions.

5. Money can`t buy happiness, but it helps.

6. Being rich would be the best thing about being a movie star.

7. I`d rather work at a job that is not very interesting but pays a lot, than one that is interesting but pays little.

8. I`d like to have enough money to invest for the future.


Value 7

1. I like to go places with my friends.

2. I like to go to parties.

3. It is important to have very good friends.

4. It is important to share activities with friends.

5. It is important to share your life with someone else.

6. I like to go on hikes (or bike rides) with my friends.

7. I do not like being alone very much.

8. I would not like a job in which I travelled a lot and could not have lasting relationships.


Value 8

1. I’d like people to know that I’ve done something well.

2. If I had a talent, I’d like to be on TV.

3. I’d like to accomplish something in life that will be well known.

4. I’d like to be famous.

5. Being famous would be the best thing about being a movie star.

6. If I had the talent, I’d liek to be a famous rock star.

7. The best thing about winning a gold medal at the Olympics would be the recognition.

8. When I’ve done something I’m proud of, it’s important that other people know.


Value 9

1.  I would rather be free to move around than be tied down by my family.

2. I`d like to be able to decide what and how much work I will do during a day.

3. I would rather not have to answer to a boss.

4. I like to be able to make my own decision.

5. I want to be able to travel if the opportunity arises.

6. I prefer working by myself rather than as part of a team.

7. I don`t like someone assigning me tasks to do.

8. I would rather make less money at a job in which I choose my own work, than make more money at a job in which someone tells me what to do.


Value 10

1. I would rather make less money at a job I know would last than take a chance with a job that might not last but pays more.

2. I do not think I`d like adventurous vacations.

3. I get very nervous when I`m forced to take chances.

4. I;d rather work for a well-established company than a new company that hasn`t established itself.

5. I feel more comfortable in places I`ve see before than in new places.

6. Having a job I know I can jeep is important to me.

7. I think saving money for the future is very important.

8. I don`t like to take risks with money.


Value 11

1. I think music and art should be required in our schools.

2. It is important for me to live in beautiful surroundings.

3. It is important to have an appreciation for art and music.

4. I would like to have works of art in my home.

5. The world would be a terrible place without beautiful things.

6. I enjoy looking at beautiful scenery.

7. People should contribute a small amount of money to be used to decorate public buildings.

8. If I could I`d like to make a movie that people would think is beautiful.


Value 12

1. I like to make things.

2. I like writing stories, plays, or poerty.

3. I would rather make gifts rather than buy them.

4. I like to write.

5. If I knew how, I would make my own clothes.

6. The best thing about being a movie star i that I`d be doing something creative.

7. I especially like things I make myself.

8. I like to think of something that`s never been done before.


Value 13

1. If I could, I`d like to make a movie that would make people aware of injustice, and would improve the conditions it described.

2. I`d like to do something that helps people.

3. I`d like to nurse people back to health.

4. I would like helping tutor people  having trouble at school.

5. I`d like to work at a job in which I can help people.

6. I would feel I was doing something worthwhile if I helped a friend with her problems.

7.  I would liek to write a book that would help people.

8. I think it is important to donate to the needy.

Done? :)

Then, count the totals for EACH values.

The one with the highest score is your top values.

It is recommended to at least choose your top three values!


Value 1= Family

> A very high score in this category great;y values the closeness of a family

> Parents and children feel close to each other and spend much time together

> Family can also mean other persons or friends who are close to you.

Value 2= Adventure

> A career that involves a lot of travel is more appropriate for this high score.

> You won’t be satisfied with a job in which the routine is the same day after day

> Your score indicates that you would like to have varied activities and that you are comfortable taking risks.


Value 3= Knowledge

> If you value knowledge, you will want a career that lets you keep on learning.

> Teaching is an obvious choice, you may also consider research – scientists, historians, politicians, etc.


Value 4= Power

> If this is what you value you will need to ensure that there’s plenty of room for advancement in your field and life.


Value 5= Moral Judgement & Consistency

> You have a strong belief of what is wrong and what is right and you do your very best to be consistent with your actions and beliefs.


Value 6= Money or Wealth

> High potential earnings for any job you take are very important.


Value 7= Friendship or Companionship

> Being close with others is very important to you.

> Being shut away in a lab or away from the society won’t charm you.


Value 8= Recognition

> You love to be recognized or acknowledged for your talents, works, etc.

> You enjoy attention and favorable notice from people.


Value 9= Independence

> Freedom from control (of time, orders, etc) is very important for you.

> You love sufficient income for comfortable self-support; a competence.


Value 10= Security

> A clearly defined work will make you happy.

> You value stability in job, love, life, etc.

> Taking a risk is just not your cup of tea.


Value 11= Beauty or Aesthetics

> Usually, interior designers, florists, art dealers, etc are likely to score high in this.

> You like to be surrounded with beauty; and you have a deep appreciation of beauty.

Value 12= Creativity

> You would love to be given a room to make your own choices and decisions, to put your creative ideas into effect and to evaluate results of your efforts.

> A rigid and inflexible job is not likely to appeal to you.


Value 13= Helping Others

> You love to contribute strength or means to people who need it.

> You love to be useful or profitable to others.

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