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GRAD 2010! Unforgettable night… *updates*

June 5th, 2010…love love love grad 2010!



Hey everyone!

First of all, I’m so sorry for “disappearing” for so long…>< been so busy.. Anyway, I just came back from my prom & after-grad, i can’t share every pictures here cuz many are my friends’ pictures, but here’s some  ;)

GREAAAATT dinner before the dance ;)

ahhaaa xD i looked so “blue” (cam whoring in the washrooms with my friends :P)

…I love you <3

That’s all for now :)

ANYWAY… my twitter account

…follow guys xD



FAKE PROFILES [FAKERS] on facebook *updated*

All my friends, I just want to remind you that I only have ONE facebook group and TWO facebook accounts (more…)

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