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S is for…


Sunday morning, my family and I were planning to visit a relative… on the way there, my mom had to see her friend, so we tagged along. They got 5 dogs in their house ^^ And I got a new friend too, their son just came back from Japan, and his mom suggested us to take a walk with the dog. They got different breeds, but this samoyed is his favorite.

Had such a great time walking this beauty <3 It was such a beautiful day too, I took a picture of the sky:

Nice huh? :)

Wish u all a beautiful day! xx


Comments on: "S is for…" (5)

  1. I want that samoyed !!!
    Where were u ? tell me , and i’m gonna come and cuddle the samoyed.
    Gonna snatch it from her master (in blue T’).

  2. Paul Chow said:

    hi abbie – since I do not want to flood you with loads of prompts in facebook – happy birthday!

  3. kiryu nil said:

    Doggy!! <3
    should give the dog a haircut tho
    it looks burning bright over there, must b pretty hot

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