see the world through my eyes…

May this season of repentance bring you the blessing of God’s forgiveness, and may your faith be renewed.

God bless. :)


In the silence — Jason Upton [I do NOT own this video]

In me…

Tired of telling you, you have me

When I know you really don’t

Tired of telling you, I’ll follow

When I know I really won’t

‘Cause I’d rather stand here speechless

With no great words to say

If my silence is more truthful

And my ears can hear how to walk in your way

In the silence

You are speaking

In the quiet, I can feel the fire

And it’s burning, burning deeply

Burning all is that you desire

To be silent in me.

Oh Jesus, can you hear me?

My soul is screaming out

And my broken will cries

Teach me what Your Kingdom’s all about

Unite my heart to fear You

To fear Your holy Name

And create a life of worship

In the spirit and truth of your loving ways

In the silence

You are speaking

In the quiet, I can feel the fire

And it’s burning, burning deeply

Burning all is that you desire

To be silent in me.

Comments on: "For those who are observing Lent…" (16)

  1. kiryu nil said:

    Rawr!! I am thirst of knowledge!
    So many questions unanswered (>.<)??!
    I wish someday I can sit down and have a cup of coffee with God, and talk about all the questions that I have :/

    And thanks again Abbie :)
    I have not have a chance to have such a type of conversation with someone for years. (Mostly it is because it is too controversial, no one really wants to talk about it…)

    You are the best-est-est-est <3

    • Ahhaaa xD me too!! That’d be awesome huh x)

      Thank you too, I’m glad that we had this conversation :)

      Hahaa you too! <3

  2. kiryu nil said:

    I am actually very grateful that you put so much thought into each of your comment :) Thanks a lot for filling my ignorance :P

  3. kiryu nil said:

    When I said “apple” I meant it in the old definition – foreign fruit. =)
    Since you believe Genesis is “a mix of mythology, allegories, symbols etc”, what then, do you believe is the purpose of suffering? Church people always tell me the forbidden fruit is the core of human sin, but if you are saying eating the fruit is just an illustration of a lesson. What sin do we all have? Why is it fair that people who have done good things to die?
    I am really sadden by the tragedy happened today in Japan. Most of them did nothing wrong! Yet, hundreds of dead bodies are washed up on the coast. Thousands are now homeless.
    Please do not say the earthquake and tsunami happened because God wants to give a lesson of how valuable lives are.

    • kiryu nil said:

      Actually… Please ignore the last comment i posted.
      its not right that I blame God for everything :/

    • You know, just to make myself clear, when I said mythology, this is my definition: the study of the cosmic, religious stories employed by cultures to create and reinforce meaning by answering the grand questions of life, and a set of stories, traditions, or beliefs associated with a particular group or the history of an event, arising naturally or deliberately fostered. (It’s one of the definitions in dictionary, not making it up.) Just making sure that you got what I really mean… In no way I’m saying Genesis contains untrue stories. But try to feel the situation where the author need to write a story that’s hundreds or maybe thousands years before he lived. So Genesis does contain the culture and tradition during those times. Could it be historically accurate? I don’t know. But I know for sure that Genesis is not written only for a pure historical account. That being said, it really does contain exact history.

      You know, I can’t get into God’s head. I wish I could but I know that my brain won’t be able to handle it. But I believe that God never give us suffering/temptation, but He does allow it to happen if He could see us grow as a better person through that, even after falling to sin. He’d let it if it makes us better and stronger in Him. And even during our fall, He never leaves us on our own. That’s I know for sure.

      Here’s the thing, the tree of knowledge, including its fruits aren’t bad. If you remember, at the end of the day, God see everything and all is good. However, the sin is the disobedience, distrust, etc to God. God already said that by eating the fruit, it could kill them, but they didn’t listen. Taking the best way, God had to keep them out of Eden, away from the Tree of Life.

      I don’t know. My question is, how do you know that those people are really good? Or how do you know that they don’t want death? And why is death is such a bad term? I believe in the afterlife, and that being said, our life in this world is so short compare to that. And by death we can be reunited with God, away from this world. That doesn’t sound bad at all to me. And for some people, they feel that death is easier than life itself, although I’m sure that’s not the reason for God letting a natural disaster to happen. I honestly don’t know. But at least I know that God has a plan for every single person. A plan that He’d designed even before we’re created in our mother’s womb, to our death. And He clearly says that His plans are “plans to prosper [us] and not to harm [us], plans to give [us] hope and a future.” But most of us are so stubborn that we choose to stray away from that plan or just give up in the middle of the way or even before we start. Though if we did, if we turn to God, I know He could still make all things beautiful.

      I don’t know about what’s fair and what’s not. A certain battle may be too much for some people, but for others, it’s still in their capabilities, and vice versa. And God knows that very well. I just know that God never give anything that we can’t handle.

      Natural disaster… I don’t know, I’m sad that it’d happened. But God’s thoughts are so complex, I couldn’t understand even a bit. But I also cannot assume that all the victims died a painful death, you know what I mean? It may seem like a painful death, but who really knows, except God and that person? A person could walk into a fire without getting burned. With God, a painless death in whatever the situation is makes sense to me. You know, I bring this up because like you said, it’s not right to blame God, and especially before we are sure why it really happened. There are so many possibilities to God’s plan than we can decipher with our human brain. But I know His is always the best for us. And for the victims, do what we can do that could make it better. Prayers, our thoughts are powerful. And it would help as well to donate/anything… Instead of thinking why it happened and trying to figure out what God’s really thinking, I think that’s the best that we can do for now. And I know God always wants us to help others, and be an extension of His hands.

      • kiryu nil said:

        If natural disaster is done by the hands of God, in some ways I feel God’s actions do not need to “subject to the laws of… moral norms that govern the use of freedom”
        I have friend’s family members who live in Japan. Without asking, just from her tear, I can tell you losing a home and death are not exactly wishes that her family would make on their birthday. I cannot agree that Creator has the right to take lives away when those of creations still want to live. For example, sure my parents lift me to where I stand today, but if tomorrow they stab/kill me, I do not care if I die, however, will such an action not violate “the laws of… moral norms”?
        I 100% agree with you that death is not a bad thing, the suffering I meant is not from those who are now dead, but from those of who are still alive.
        Yes, I know you might say all of the suffering from those who are still alive are for a plan that God has designed. It is for such a great purpose that none of us human can ever comprehend. It is just feels unreal, to me at least :/

      • I don’t think it is done by God. But nothing could happen without God’s permission.

        That quote is for us. As in our life in this world and our pursuit in knowledge/whatever it is. We are the one that is a subject to that.

        Sorry to hear that happened. But as much as I can tell you how hurt it is, rather than questioning God, I’d rather keep on believing in Him that He knows what He’s doing. There are thousands of questions I have, but from my own experience, this I know for sure that questioning God this way is not one of the ways to get an answer.

        I can’t really comment on that. But I can only say that God never plan to harm us. Anything He does is for our best. And He knows what we want and what we need so much better than we do, because He is our Creator. And He has all the rights to do what He knows is best for us. It may not seem like that or it may seem hard to understand, but it’s normal. I guess all questions we have right now, we’ll find all the answers in the end.

        Okay for that… I think God will protect you to not get murdered. If it is not according to God’s will, nothing could happen. A glass full of poison diluted into water could just suddenly break, and protect whomever it was that’s about to be poisoned. But it’s also gonna be a matter of listening to God’s Voice. However, one sure thing not to do is to test God and taking His love for granted. So intentionally putting our lives in danger just to test God and expecting God to help is just too much. I couldn’t even tell how many people violate the moral laws… But God will definitely teach those a lesson.

        Yes. That’s exactly what I meant as well. The effect of, just saying, one person’s death could go so far. And I believe that God has put all those that are suffering loss into account. He never sleeps, that’s all I can say.

        Well not all, u know… Most of the times we caused our own suffering. We just need to bear the consequences of what we’ve done. But even till that, God never leave us alone. Though most of times, it is us who pull ourselves away from God.

        Yea, that’s understandable. But we are like an infant that knows nothing to a Father that has everything thought of. So every little step He shows us, we may not understand why, but we will later on.

  4. kiryu nil said:

    not a deep believer in God because all the unfairness in the world :/
    but nevertheless, i m grateful for everything i have right now

    sometimes i just wish the world was created not for the purpose of trying to make profit from each other, but rather more love… sure u can disagree with me, but look at the majority of the world now…
    reality = money money n more money…

    • I know the world is not in that good of a situation, but I just believe it is not created for the purpose of trying to make profit from each other. There are love and goodness in this world…or at least, that’s what I see. But I couldn’t really stress it out as well, because who can be certain what the reality is? What we see is not the reality, it’s just our own interpretation of the reality; and there is always another side to this “reality” that we claimed we see. It’s all a matter of perspective.

      But hey, I honestly think it’s a wonderful thing that you are grateful for everything you have, not many people do =)

      • kiryu nil said:

        Aww… Abbie i wish i can see the reality through ur eyes. :P
        the reality im seeing is way too depressing tehee :)

        Though i do have to disagree with u.
        What we see IS the reality. At least parts of it. :)

        sigh… sometimes i really wonder why god even bother to make a forbidden tree…
        no tree => no apple => no sin => no suffer => everyone happy => me really happy :P

      • I hope you can see it too =) there is so much more in the world than just being a depressing place. I know you have your own battle, everybody does. But there’s a saying that goes like this, “Be careful how you interpret the world: it is like that.” I just think that if you could see the world as a happier place, it’s gonna change your whole world.

        It could be part of it. But still, when our whole picture of reality is taken from that part of reality, it then becomes our own interpretation. Well, at least that’s for me :)

        Well… about that, maybe you haven’t heard or forgot… but Genesis is a mix of mythology, allegories and symbols, not literally a history. =)

      • kiryu nil said:

        uhm… I am just trying to make sure I understood you correctly.
        You just said to me that “Genesis is a mix of mythology, allegories and symbols…”.
        So… Your basically saying Bible is like a bedtime storybook, the actual events in the book are probably fake, but what is important is the lessons?

      • I said Genesis that’s a mix of mythology, allegories, symbols etc. Not the whole Bible. Bible contains Truth that can be imparted in the form of allegories, parables, psalms, symbolism, etc. =) And you should also know that the order of books in the Bible is not in the order of the date when it’s written, so that affects as well. The reason why I brought it up is because the “tree and apple” you said before, first of all, there isn’t really an apple, but most story book illustrators draw it as an apple, in the Bible, it is only written as “fruit”. And, the tree of knowledge of good and evil that you wrote should be taken symbolically as well. And it “symbolically evokes the insurmountable limits that man, being a creature, must freely recognize and respect with trust. Man is dependent on his Creator, and subject to the laws of creation and to the moral norms that govern the use of freedom.” (Took this straight from the catechism. And as a note, “man” here isn’t a gender, but it refers to “human being”.) My whole point is that Bible is full of metaphors, symbols, etc., and when interpreting it, it’s important to think about those literary devices and to look at the whole context, theme, etc.

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