see the world through my eyes…

…pictures with the rose from years ago and from 2011! We can do some comparing :D

Do you remember this picture?

It’s from my first Pic of the Day.

Well now, I got the 2011 version:

Let’s do some comparing ;)

What do you think? Do I look different? Or do I look just the same? If you see me walking, would you think it’s a different person? Or would you recognize me right away?

P.S. If you haven’t figured it out, I loooove comparing my years ago pictures with the current picture; I think it’s really interesting! Anyone here like to do that as well? :D


♥♥“Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper.” — Robert Frost♥♥

Comments on: "Look What I’ve Found! :D" (3)

  1. my gosh abb. anyone said they r similar , gonna have to check their eyes in the hospital. I think i ain’t gonna recognize u , even if we bump into each other.
    some of ur photos r stunning. I think u must be veeery different from the 2Ds.

  2. kiryu nil said:

    Hehee, ur appearance is alittle different, especially ur hair :)
    Though from ur 2011’s pic i see more of a maturity feeling in ur eyes then i do in ur 2009’s pic. i feel like rose is trying to shy away from u because ur just that lovely, i would probably do the same thing if i do see u in real life (>////<)

    • Yep, the hair is different~~ Wah really? That’s great then ^^ hehee aww thanks =*) …don’t be! That’d make me shy too (>///<) hahaa

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