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Happy belated Valentine’s Day to all! How’s everyone doing? I hope everyone’s been doing great! Sorry I’ve been away for quite some time… Been slacking off =P But if you’re following my Twitter, this February has been a pretty hectic month for me and my family. So many things going on, so I couldn’t really think about what to write… My apologies :) But I took many pictures actually, so I got many things to share with you all (of course I won’t cramped everything in one post).

Anyway, I took this picture a few days ago:

Beautiful corsage and roses huh? My cousin had his wedding just a few days ago, so these pretties are from that place :)

And talking about February… This Valentine, I met a friend that I haven’t met for almost six years, and we had a really good conversation… I had a wonderful time. Hope you all had a wonderful time too! What did you do this Valentine? Any couples emerged? Love deepened? I’d love to know all your beautiful stories :)

So, since February is known as a month of sweetness and romance, I put some love quotes to close this post… Enjoy!

If you have found the one you love then you have found the rose in a forest of thorns.”

“You can complain because a rose has thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have a rose.”

“I am a rose; you are my thorns, clutching and protecting me.”

“A life filled with love, must have some thorns, but a life empty of love will have no roses.”

“The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart.”

“Love is not blind, it has the sharpest eyes; and because it sees more, it is willing to see less.”




Comments on: "February, a Month of Sweetness and Romance" (8)

  1. “Love is not blind, it has the sharpest eyes; and because it sees more, it is willing to see less.”&
    “A life filled with love, must have some thorns, but a life empty of love will have no roses.”I’m very like!!
    I am sorry because my English is not good! Bye !See you post the blog!!

  2. dont get the last quote… @@
    wat can love see?

    anyways hope u had an awesome time on valentine’s day! :)

    • Let’s see… Have you ever heard someone says “love is blind”? The last quote is telling that when someone overlooks his/her loved one’s mistakes, and still love them, it isn’t because “love is blind” — in fact, “[love] has the sharpest eyes”: “it sees more”, as in love sees more than just a person’s mistakes/weaknesses; that’s why “it is willing to see less” as in that’s why he/she can forgive and overlook his/her loved ones mistakes/weaknesses, and still love them… Got it? :)

      I did, thanks! How’s your Valentine’s day? I hope you had an awesome time too!

      • aww i love the quote!
        except i will not want to see any less of my loved ones than themselves. i love their silliness just as much as i love their seriousness along with everything in between <3

        thx for explaining! feel like i have a productive day today :P

        n yeah~ i had an awesome valentine's day! it turns out to b my anniversary also. happiest day of my life so far :)

      • Hehee that’s sweet of you!

        No worries, anytime :)

        Wow really?? That’s wonderful!
        Happy Anniversary!! (Sorry it’s late) Wish you two lots of love, joy and happiness <3

      • awww thx abbie :) ur the best!

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