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Picture Collections

It’s almost the end of the year 2010! And I think it’s the perfect time to collect pictures! I got the ones from 2008-2010… Let’s see this:

Hehee, did I change a lot or only a bit? Anyway, I had fun doing this! Many of the pictures I’ve never posted, and I even forgot about it; so this really brings back memories!

Comments on: "Picture Collections" (11)

  1. Wow… Your 2010 style change alot for year before…. Like a diff person… hehe… How bout 2011?

    Anyway, Happy New Year Abbie, All d best wishes for u and family :D

  2. u always have a nice pic bi..^^

  3. Tehee^^
    ur looks didn’t change all that much
    still pretty :D

    do u wear makeups in those pics or is ur skin just that good naturally? @@ (jealous)

    anyways, IT SNOWED!… on the day right after christmas tho… like 10inches this time
    my back still hurts from shoveling the snow >”<
    i took some pictures of snow in my house when it just started snowing (they r on fb :P)

    p.s. H a p p y 2 0 1 1 ! ! H a p p y N e w Y e a r A b b i e :)

    • Aww thanks :D
      Yea, I wear eye makeups hehee no concealer though ;)

      Omg how nice!! Ahhaa xD aw you gotta rest after it ^^
      Wow you did? I’ll check it out :D

      P.S. Happy new year to you too! All the best for you in this year :)

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