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November 2010 ^^

Hi everyone! November is ending, and tomorrow’s December already! Is it just me or time flies so fast this time? :P And it’s gonna be Christmas real soon! Anyone’s counting down?

Anyway, as usual, I got you all pictures of some of the places I’ve been to in this month! Plus quotes for those quotes-lovers here! Enjoy~

The sky in this month: doesn’t look so good, huh. We got lots of rainy days this month >_< I kinda like it though, but not when I’m outside. Oh and I don’t like heavy rain & thunderstorm. x(

Talking about cat, I miss all the cats when I used to volunteer in SPCA ><

One of the things I really love: sunset.

Isn’t it beautiful? <3

Does anyone know the name of this plant? First time seeing it, it’s pretty unique, isn’t it?

Well… That’s all for the trees ^^

Honeymoon Dessert! Who’s a fan? ^^ If you are, let’s eat together, cuz I’m a huuuuge fan! :D

And… That’s all for November!

I hope you all had a great November, and wish you all an even greater December! ;)

Comments on: "November 2010 ^^" (4)

  1. kiryu nil said:

    w8 abbie ur in china? O.o
    well… i assumed that cuz the menu is in chinese

    anyways, Christmas is omost here <3
    so excited!!
    does it snow over where u live?

    • No, I’m not, hahaa. It’s just the menu x)
      That’s great to hear! I’m looking forward to Christmas as well! :D
      Since I’m back to Jakarta, no, unfortunately we don’t have snow here >< hbu?

      • I live in New Jersey, it snowed like 3 times so far :)
        not like a storm or anything, just like 1 inch or so
        I will take a pic for u next time when it snows ^o^

        p.s. stay warm~

        take care :P

      • Aww how nice~ you had a white Christmas then! ^^ wooww really?? thanks!!

        p.s. stay warm & take care too :)

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