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Going on a detox~

It’s been awhile! I hope you all are doing fine. Lately I’ve been having tons of things to do, but I’m glad tomorrow’s weekend already! I haven’t had my share of detoxing as well… so i figured i would do it tomorrow :D

It’s gonna be fruits, fruits and fruits! Maybe sugar-free juices and sorbet would do!

Oh, who knows what’s the world’s most powerful fruit is??




It’s gotta be dragon fruit! :D

Click here to read about the legend behind this powerful fruit and what this fruit could do to your body!

Comments on: "Going on a detox~" (2)

  1. Erwin Mulyadi said:

    I thought it should be guava? Guava contains the most vitamin C compared to any other fruit in the whole wide universe :D hahahaha

    • Ahhaa xD never said dragon fruit contains the most vitamin C, it indeed is rich in vitamin C; but what makes it so powerful are the countless health benefits, and how it detoxes you from head to toe! ;)

      P.S. Guava’s healthy as well though — love it :D

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