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A change…?

As many of you might have heard, my cell broke recently; and I lost all contact numbers, messages, data, etc. T__T shucks, isn’t it? Anyway, so don’t take it to heart if I asked for your name when you text/call me. xD

Oh…my dad bought a BB long ago and no one’s really using it, so I got to use it (or borrow it lol) I miss my old phone though; when it comes to electronic, guess I’m the type that doesn’t like to change >__< anyone’s like me? lol

P.S. Many have asked whether I changed my number or not… I don’t! So it’s still the same number ;)


Comments on: "A change…?" (2)

  1. great!

    so what’s your numb? lol…
    may i have your pin? :)

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