see the world through my eyes…

Hello everyone,

Sorry, I haven’t been able to update this blog for a while… How have you all been? I hope everyone’s doing great :D

Anyway…for those who didn’t know…I’m in Jakarta, Indonesia currently! And gonna be here for pretty long.

My mom got me a Batik top, I think it looks pretty neat ^^ What’d you think?


I got few announcements:

Firstly, from here on, this blog’s gonna be a personal blog, which consists of my daily life :) So guys, I’ve changed my About page as well! (no worries, I’m gonna make another blog for the others i.e. quotes, health&beauty, spiritual, etc)

Secondly, all quotes, motivations, inspirations, etc will be continued on my new blog, Accourage. Check it out! It’s still new, but I’ll keep it updated regularly.

That’s all for now :)




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