see the world through my eyes…

If you sent a message to…let’s say, “A”.

In Myspace, you would know whether “A” has read and/or replied your message.

If “A” has NOT replied your message, but have read it…you’ll see something like this:

You can find this in your Sent folder, the message you’ve sent will show “Read” besides “A”s name. Likewise, if “A” hasn’t read it, you’ll see an “Unread”; and if “A” have replied your message, you’ll see “Replied”.

Nice, isn’t it? So you’ll know who has read but hasn’t replied! LOL It’s a feature that you couldn’t find in Facebook at the moment.

What do you like about Myspace? :)

For Facebook, of course, I would choose the famous “See Wall-to-Wall”

It’s one feature I like the best; and it’s something that you can’t find in Myspace at the moment.

Pretty neat, right? it’s like a reminder in case you forgot what you’ve been talking about! :D Well, tell me what else do you like about Facebook? ;)

Comments on: "What I like about Myspace and Facebook…" (4)

  1. Love all the opinions expressed here! How is everyone? Love how everyone expresses whatr they feel :)

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  3. How about twitter?
    What do u think??

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