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Abbie in January 2010

Hey everyone!


Abbie in December 2009 is completed by now!

Hope all of you enjoy it ♥

Abbie in January 2010 is starting ;)

Anyway, I know that I haven’t written any new post in a while…

Sorry for that…because I’ve been really busy with school and been feeling a little bit sick :(


Thanks a lot for all the views, comments, messages, gifts, and ideas!

Keep on visiting~ there’ll be new posts soon!




First of all, I’m so sorry for being away for so long… I’ve been really busy with school: got lots of assignments, projects and tests :(

…wish me luck? :P

anyway, I hope everyone’s doing fine!

For my facebook and myspace friends, I WILL reply to everyone’s messages and/or posts – but it will take some time.


[Pic of the Day] ♥

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