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Happy Halloween everyone! ^^

Hope everyone have a memorable and fun Halloween :)

Here are some pictures from my Halloween celebration at my school (I can’t upload all for now, but I’ll post it up some other time)


Here r my friends, can anyone guess what they r being? :)


Another one~~


Look at him! It’s Wall-E!

And what`s even greater is that this guy made his own costume (he`s an art student – a really good one!)

And he`s the winner for our 2009 Halloween!! Congratz! ^^

301020091284 copy

Another picture of Mr. Wall-E ^^ to b honest, I really love his costume!

When he went up for the costume contest, he’s so “Wall-E”! really cute =)

301020091285 copy

Another one ;)

301020091273 copy

another one~~ guess what she is being!

(Hint: the book she’s holding =P)






it’s Misa Amane from Death Note!

301020091272 copy

don’t you think she look like a goddess in this picture? =)

301020091277 copy

Pretty! ♥

301020091288 copy

oops…I didn’t realize my tumbler was there >_<

yup, another one ~~^^


My school’s Prime Minister!

Cool Halloween costume!

It’s even better when he wears his glove (there were like knives or scissors~)


Look at her and her doll!♥♥♥




As for me~~

Guess what I’m being?






















Yes, a cat! ^^


That’s all for now =)

Again, wish u all a great Halloween!



Comments on: "Halloween" (12)

  1. […] The middle one was taken from Halloween […]

  2. Anyway, that cat outfit looks so good on you. Looks

  3. wow, sounds great!!

  4. lol abbie, i thought that no pet was allow in the Halloween party?

    • ahahaa xD reallyyyy??
      nvr heard of that!
      but anyway, nowadays, costumes for Halloween can be anything, isn’t it? from the scary ones to people’s traditional dresses.
      it’s like any costume =P did u dress up for something? ^^

  5. I guess it must be an exciting event :)
    was there some kind of party there?

  6. seems like a wonderful halloween event there :)
    wish there were this kind of event here…lol.

    • hey Jason ^^
      aww :( too bad…
      oh yes, it was.
      actually it’s at my school, so it’s not a really big halloween event, but it’s still so fun to see many people dressing up! ^^

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